Doing Nothing / Nichts Tun / Fazendo Nada / Haciendo Nada

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In a hypermodern Society propelled by the twin engines of acceleration and excess, doing nothing is equated with waste, laziness, lack of ambition, boredom or down time. But this betrays an instrumental aspect of Human existence.

Spiritual and philosophical systems suggest that detaching from daily concerns and spending time in simple reflection and contemplation are essential to health, sanity and personal growth.

Treating doing nothing equal with nonproductivity is a short-sighted understanding of productivity. Doing nothing is essential for creativity and innovation, and a person’s seeming inactivity might actually cultivate new insights, inventions or melodies.

The mind needs to rest and be allowed to explore in order to germinate new ideas. Doing nothing or just being is as important to Human well-being as doing something. The key is to balance the two.

As you race along, it seems as though you are not taking the time to seriously examine the rationale behind your frenetic lifes and mistakenly assume that those who are busy must be involved in important projects.

Mass media and corporate culture promotes the credo of busyness. But this contradicts both how most people in Society define ‘the good life’ and the principles of many Eastern philosophies that praise the virtue and power of stillness.

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