Don’t fall Here / Fallen Sie nicht hier Hin / Não caia Aqui / No te caigas Aquí

There comes a storm. It is almost predictable, hat the storm will come and the forces will come, in the form of doubt, in the form of mind. Why does it come? It comes because there still remains within us the capacity and potential to deviate or be distracted from your hearts trutha nd we be pulled into the noise of person hood again.
So you are going to have to dig deeper. You are going to have to hold firm to not only what I have pointed and what you have heard but what you have experienced and what you have seen. That there exists within you a very powerful space that is completely still, unconquerable, unchallengable,  which is infinite, timeless, imperishable.
And this is what your heart is beating for, what the real urge, the real desire in the life of a Human being is, to discover this. You are in the discovery of this. And that is why these assualts, these attacks are going to come. Do not think, like the mind would like, that these attacks are coming because you are on the wrong path. The attacks are coming because you are on the right path. Because you are on the right path.
And sometimes you are this close, you see, to sealing your confirming your realization. This is why forces have come to sabotage your opportunity for freedom. And let me tell you, they will come. They came for me. They came for every liberated being, every Buddha, every Christ, every Krishna, every Rama, every profet Mohammed, everyone. They have come and they will come for you.
Once you have conquered them and how will you conquer them? Not by fighting with them but by remain true,  remaining in the heart of truth. This is what you were pointed. I have not put swords in your hands and guns and bullets and machetes. I have said simply,  remain with God, remain in the True, remain only as the witness. Do not get identified with these forces.
How do they work, these forces? What is their success rate? Why are they so good at distracting seekers from completing their realization. Why are they so effective? I will tell you why they are so effective. Because they strike always to the person in you, and the capacity in you to be diverted from your divinity and go back into personhood. They will call you but they will always be calling the person in you.
They will raise up doubts because only the person can be doubt. Only the person can doubt. Only the God in you is without doubt. They will strike at the doubt, at resistances. They will show you, ‘Oh, you are gambling your life away, you are surrendering to to some guy.’ You are not surrendering to some guy you are surrendering to the almighty powe, which is all prevading imperishable, everylasting, eternal, true, full of Love, complete.
You are surrendering to your completeness. So do not fall here. Fall earlier. When you are beginning, but do not fall now. Now, you have the advantage because you are discovering that your real Self is not at some distance from you. It is here. It is not at any physically distance from you it is only a question of subtlety you see? You are here. The mind wants you to be here, to be there. But you are here.

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