Don’t waste your Life / Verschwende nicht dein Leben / Não desperdice sua Vida / No desperdicies tu Vida

With each death or near death experience you will be reminded. Do not take your family and friends for granted because they can disappear when you least expect it.

Once they are gone, the pain of missed opportunity hits you in the face like a brick. Each death you endure is a reminder of how precious life is. Each death should be a reminder not to waste your life.

You only have so many days on this planet and then you are gone. As sad as it is to say or to think about, there are so many ways to die. Nobody really knows what life beyond our Human existence is, so enjoy being Human right now.

None of us are going to live forever, so all you have is right now.

Stop waiting to take action. Death shows you that you must do what you have always wanted to do now. Do it today.

Life is precious and so in the scheme of things the dude that cut you off in traffic, or the mom that hit your car, or the guy that was talking loudly on the phone and upset your train of thought, is insignificant.

Death reminds you how dumb all of these small things are. Stop worry about the small stuff and focus on what matters.

So what matters? You do. Then followed by your family, your dream, the way you serve others and finding or maintaining Love.

Your life must mean something otherwise it is a complete waste. Find out what that meaning is and then go away and take action towards making it a reality.

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