Double Life / Doppelleben / Vida Dupla / Doble Vida

You are living in two separate World‘s, captured in your own lies, shame and guilt. Your behavior is too different from your daily lifestyle. You have a public Self and a personal Self and have developed a scenario that is risky and dangerous.

You are obsessional sometimes, excessive and unreasonable, and you perform this without much respect for the repercussions. The risky dual lifestyle is a form of your self-sabotage because you do not feel you are entitled to be successful or satisfied.

What happens when your behavior takes over, damaging careers, breaking families and, sometimes, ruining the lives of many people. You divide your life virtually developing two different selves who act in completely opposite ways. Lying takes over your entire life.

Ordinary men and women hide extraordinary secrets from those closest to them: their families, friends and co-workers. The respected chief executive who embezzles funds from his company.

The man with two wives and two sets of children. The housewife who moonlights as a prostitute. The married corporate executive who wears lingerie under his business suit.

Thousands of men and women are living in two World‘s, caught in a web of lies, risks and shame that ultimately force them into secret behavior that is far different from their everyday existence.

This behavior is sometimes obsessional, extreme and irrational, and it can be undertaken without much regard for the consequences.

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