Down with Love / Zum Teufel mit der Liebe / Abaixo o Amor / Abajo el Amor

Men value freedom. Women seek honesty. Why should men and women try to please one another? For Love’s sake. The World of Love is an easily solved mystery of emotional giving and receiving.

What Love we have given we will have forever. What Love we fail to give is lost for all eternity. – Leo Buscaglia

Women want loving devotion in a committed relationship. A devoted man is respectful with the time they share, respectful of her work, her friends, her family, and their togetherness.

Women believe in a ‘We’ relationship rather than an ‘I’ relationship. Women like men who are honest about their thoughts and their whereabouts and women demand truthfulness.

Women appreciate men who are not just good money managers but are also generous in spirit.

Giving men value women and understand reciprocity – that giving a woman pleasure will result in her desire to give pleasure to him.

Women want satisfying sex with definitions of satisfying sex ranging from romantic to wild and crazy.

Free women from Love, teach them to enjoy sex without commitment, and replace the need for a man with chocolate.

Men want sex. Men desire to feel free. Men want forgivness. Men want to be respected and appreciated. Praise and gratitude work wonders, emotionally and physically – as long as it is truthful.

Along with the truth, men want their partners to tell them what they want. Men know what they want. Men want sex.

Men trade up for younger women. This is related to sexual desire. And this is the reason why so many women die alone in nursing homes, while men die in the arms of a partner.

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