Dream for Sale / Traum zum Verkauf / Sonho à Venda / Sueño en Venta

To sell a dream takes a lot of practice. To sell a dream someone has to fall in Love. But everyone wants to fall in Love. Falling in Love is a beautiful thing. It is exciting. It is consuming. It is a fresh opportunity. Falling in Love takes time. It takes lots of dates, unforgettable adventures, and a few hardships.

In building deeper relationships you want to slowly unveil your hopes and dreams because part of falling in Love is the mystery about the unknown. Growing, improving, and unveiling is an important element in enabling someone to fall in Love.

Falling in Love requires you to be naked in your vulnerability. You have to completely let down your guard. You have to sell the why before the what. You have to work harder than everyone else to deliver on the promise. You have to admit when you fuck up and do everything to fix it. Because sharing your beliefs is significantly more personal than sharing your ideas.

Without sales there is no money and without money there is no business and without a business it’s back to work doing a job that you hate.

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