Drone around the World / Drohne um die Welt / Drone ao redor do Mundo / Drone alrededor del Mundo

Drones are becoming as omnipresent as selfie sticks among travelers. In fact, drones might be the new selfie stick. All over the World, tourists are going to great lengths, and great heights, to use them to get impressive aerial videos and photos. Travel and photography have always gone hand in hand and from now on Travel and drone will go hand in hand as well.

The port of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands boasts a larger concentration of boats preparing for an ocean passage than any other place in the World, with the majority setting off across the Atlantic to the Caribbean from there after the middle of November and spend at least one full season there. Most boats transit the Panama Canal before the onset of the hurricane season in the Caribbean (June to November), with the most transits in February and March.

Those who plan to sail in one season all the way to Australia need to reach the Marquesas not later than April to be able to cover the considerable distances in only five months. Those with more time may decide not to sail the usual route from the Galápagos to the Marquesas but to make a detour to Easter Island and arrive in French Polynesia by that route. From Tahiti, in French Polynesia’s Society Islands, the classic trade-wind route continues to the Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Australia.

As a result of the dangers involved with sailing the North Indian Ocean route, any sailor on a westbound World voyage is confronted with four options: brave the risks of a passage through the Red Sea, have the boat shipped from Asia to the Mediterranean, continue the voyage around South Africa, or abandon a passage through the Indian Ocean altogether. The few who take the first option are very daring and as the situation in that part of the World continues to be extremely volatile, it should not be attempted while there are no signs of a real improvement.

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