Earth – The Unseen / Erde – Das Ungesehene / Terra – O Invisível / Tierra – Lo Invisible

For generations, Humans have been degrading the environment in pursuit of personal and financial gains. In some cases, they do not know the effects of their actions. But often times, they simply do not want the consequences of their actions on the environment known to the public. Humans justify these actions of dominance and superiority over the environment when they view themselves as separate from nature.

When Humans perceive themselves as separate from nature, it leads to two events: destruction and mediation.

Humans have declared themselves superior to the natural World for quite some time now. This is evident in daily life when most people only come in contact with the man-made environment and other human beings. Initially, Humans knew very little about the negative impact their lifestyles would have on the natural environment.

Today the problem is no longer about lack of knowledge. Science and technology have demonstrated just how grave the damage of anthropogenic activity is. The basis of the problem today is the lack of obligation people feel toward the health of the environment. Humans are perfectly content with degrading the environment in pursuit of their own personal gain. 

Humans exploit natural resources through their never-ending greed. If Humans continue this lifestyle with no regards to the consequences, they will inevitably overshoot the Earth’s capacity. Fortunately, not all Humans carry out their lives with these unsustainable behaviors. Exploitation and destruction is only one of the two outcomes that occur when Humans separate themselves from nature.

Earth has enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed. – Gandhi

Human beings are slowly but surely using their Consciousness to determine what is right and wrong. They are observing the damage past generations have caused and feeling remorseful. While Humans still see themselves as separate from nature, that separation will make them feel obligated and desire to restore and conserve the natural environment.

The only way to overcome this issue is to no longer have two polarized perspectives regarding Human obligations to the Earth. Those who believe in continuing destructive lifestyles must reach a medium with those who believe in environmental conservation. Human impact can not entirely be erased from the lands, but with the proper scientific and technological advancements, a lot can be restored.

With the right perspective, Humans can live in such a way that their separation from nature can result in a healthy, mindful relationship with the Earth.

All living creatures are born of Consciousness. Mountains, trees, animals, forests, insects, bees, wasps, butterflies … in our last few centuries, Humans have seen themselves as separate from nature.

We have considered ourselves as superior to nature. Once we have started to say we are separate from nature? We are superior from nature, then we start to dominate nature. We start to control nature. We start to exploit nature, and that’s what we have been doing for the past few hundred years.

We need to realise that nature is not only out there; like mountains, rivers, oceans, animals, forests, etcetera. Humans are also nature.

We are not separate. We are one. The unity of life. The human body is made of the same elements. As the mountains or the forests or the animals. We are all made of primary elements. Earth, air, fire, water.

And the fifth element is imagination. We need to lead a simple life so that we don’t take too much from nature. And turn natural resources into consumer goods

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