Embrace your Weirdness / Umarme Deine Verrücktheit / Abrace sua Estranheza / Abraza tu Extrañeza

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Weird is a strange word. Weirdness is a deviation from the norm. Weirdness is the opposite of a commodity. Weirdness makes its own markets. Weirdness makes its own rules.

It means something unusual from what you are familiar with. It means there are an infinite number of kinds of weird. It means one person’s weird could be another person’s normal. It is a subjective description of your unfamiliarity with something or someone.

Weird is the way you dress, the way you speak, the way your body looks, how your brain works, what your preferences are, and how you live. Being weird means being noticeably different.

It means being or doing something that makes other people stare, or laugh, applaud, or boo. Any quality about yourself is likely weird to someone somewhere. Weird is absolutely everything.

We all have the same basic needs. We are not invincible. We are all human. I am a product of my background, genetics, location, experiences, and personality. I know myself better than anyone.

And yet, there is so much I still do not know. I live in the moment and embrace the quirks of my blueprint. I only get one mold.

Nowadays, everybody is trying to be weird because being weird is considered cool

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