Emotions and the Brain / Emotionen und das Gehirn / Emoções e Cérebro / Emociones y el Cerebro

The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain –

Emotions do not live in the heart; the heart is just a pump, a pretty important one, of course. Emotions invariably are formed in the mind, in certain parts of the brain.

From the mind these emotions – fear, anger, stress, elation, anxiety, Love and all the rest – can gush out anywhere and everywhere, controlled or otherwise, productively or destructively, far more powerful and irresistible than logic.

The genesis of emotion is always in the mind. There are emotions that can be stimulated, directed, even created. And most importantly, there they will be imprinted and retained, ready for future activation.

The ability to monitor the physiological condition of your own body is called interoception. Most of us are aware of our heartbeat, pressure and feeling of hunger to some degree, there is wide variability in how sensitive we are.

This connection between the physical sensations in our body and our emotions extends to the neural processes in our brain. Many techniques – including meditation – aim to put us in touch with our own body, as well as our own mind, by providing feedback and training.

When the brain is in an optimal state we are healthy, happy, loving, productive and wise.

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