End of the Paradigm / Ende des Paradigmas / Fim do Paradigma / Fin del Paradigma

The collapse of Wall Street in September 2008 and the continuing financial crisis very clearly signal the end of the paradigm that puts finance above real wealth created by nature and Humans, and puts profits above people and corporations above citizens.

This paradigm can only be kept alive with limitless bailouts. It can only be kept alive with increasing violence to the Earth and people. It can only be kept alive as an economic dictatorship.

The limitless appetite for steel and aluminum for the global consumer economy, and the limitless appetite for profits for the steel and aluminum corporations are clashing with the rights of the local population to their land and homes, their forests and rivers, their cultures and ways of life.

The only way to get to the minerals that feed the limitless growth while facing democratic resistance is the use of militarized violence against the population undermining democratic and human rights.

The technological fundamentalism that has externalized costs, ecological and social, and blinded us to ecological destruction has reached a dead end. The climate chaos is a wakeup call that we can not continue on the fossil fuel path.

The high costs of industrial farming are reaching its limits, both in terms of the ecological destruction of the natural capital of soil, water, biodiversity, and air, and in terms of the creation of malnutrition, with a billion people denied food and another two billion denied health because of food related diseases.

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