Environmental Conservation / Umweltschutz / Conservação Ambiental / Conservación del medio Ambiente

When wildfire, insects or disease impact forests it can have a number of far reaching negative effects. Fortunately, reforestation helps. The timely establishment of seedlings helps jumpstart forest recovery. Reforestation helps halt soil erosion, and ensure that forests can filter and supply the water that we all depend on.

Reforestation improves forest health. Planting the right species, reforestation helps makes forests more resilient to future challenges like climate change and wildfire.

As trees grow and consume air, they remove harmful pollutants from the air. Reforestation helps re-establish forest cover and improve our natural air filter.

The links between mental and physical well-being and nature are clear. You are happier and less stressed when you spend time in nature. By replanting our forests, you are helping to make more space for you to find peace of mind.

Nature reminds you of your natural state. This is the quiet place free from mental noise that fills your mind throughout the day. When you embrace nature you are able to observe your thoughts. Your mind chatter otherwise goes unnoticed if you are not aware of it, or it stresses you out if you realize its presence.

A daily practice of appreciating nature is one of the most beneficial activities you can do to increase happiness and reduce stress. While you may feel like you have no time in the day, it only requires a few minutes.

Start by taking a five-minute walk outside every day. During this time, disconnect yourself from electronic devices.

When you are walking observe your surroundings. Watch carefully. Look at the sky, notice the leaves on trees, and see small animals are around you. Listen attentively, hear the sounds of birds, the wind, and even your own footsteps. Over time, you will notice there are endless things to observe and listen to.

Eat outdoors when the weather permits. Rather than eat your lunch at your desk or in the company lounge, take it outside. And keep the electronic devices quiet. Avoid multi-tasking while you are eating.

No reading, no texting, no meeting with colleagues. Eat in silence and observe both the food you are putting into your body and your surroundings.

The daily stillness youy make a part of your regular life will require discipline. Every minute you spend on a walk outside or eating lunch in a park represents your commitment to caring for yourself.

Stillness is your process of developing inner peace. If you seek happiness, then the stillness of nature is where you wil tap into the greatest source of happiness in the world: Your own Self.

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