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I met a lot of people with great dreams, dreams to own their own home without a mortgage, dreams to start their own business, to be free from an existing job they are not satisfied with, dreams to simply travel the World or be free to sit under a tree and play a guitar.

Most people I have met have a million dollar idea they would love to bring to reality, but neither have the time nor the resources to make it happen.

People have described to me their frustration with being trapped in a way of life they do not believe in and how they dream of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

But nearly everyone I have met is too busy trying to stay afloat among the bills and debt to even think about their dreams anymore. They say over and over again: ‘I know I could break free if I could just make a little more money.’ That idea is one of the greatest illusions of the universe.

When I asked people what stops them from pursuing their dreams to write a book, start a business, or spend a month watching polar bears in the arctic, it all came down to the same mantra, ‘I know I could break free if I could just make a little more money.’ It is not money that most people need. It is time.

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