Escaping from Reality / Flucht vor der Realität / Fugindo da Realidade / Escapar de la Realidad

As fugitive, you go throughout your life escaping from your reality, running and hiding, seeking redemption from this evil reality wandering around alternate realities in order to enter in the realm of sweet dreams where everything is possible.

Are you condemned to live your whole life escaping from reality to encounter short periods of bliss in your dreams or is it possible that you can make your dreams become your daily reality.

No wonder why you constantly seek through different ways to escape your reality to enter the realm of dreams. Real life can be oppressing, limiting, boring and destructive.

You use different methods to escape from the routines from your daily reality to release yourself and travel to the place where dreams dwell, that wonderful place where everything is possible.

How beautiful and magical is that place where you travel with your imagination where anything can happen! No sorrow, no pain, no fear, no judgment, no limitations.

There is pure bliss, a complete state of ecstasy that makes you touch the sky with your hands. You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want, the options are endless, and the perk of having no boundaries is that makes your mind fly freely with your imagination.

Your reality and that place where dreams are possible, seem to be so distant that makes you feel that there is no way that they could one day meet along the path of your life and become one.

You seek to be in the clouds by using earthly things as your way to escape not knowing that in order to reach the sky, you have to release yourself from the heavy weight of earthly objects.

There is no way you can buy dreams, you might think that money, material possessions, power, fame, alcohol, drugs or whatever Humans use to run away from reality can make your dreams come true and make you happy.

Even though that can work for a short time, dreams can only become true if you create them with your imagination and by making them happen, with ideas, plans, hard work, commitment, perseverance, and faith.

A person who is escaping from reality will always feel the terror of it. It will be like the hound of heaven that pursues him. – Alan Watts 

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