Espiritual Experience / Spirituelle Erfahrung / Experiência Espiritual / Experiencia Espiritual

In order to become enlightened you have to be willing to lose your mind because enlightenment is something that transcends the mind. The mind can not comprehend enlightenment experiences.

In order to get there you have to let go of the mind. Enlightened people are kind of loopy, and their experiences are outside normal mental function. They are by definition crazy.

In search for spirituality, the first experience often is the appearance of mysterious coincidences. Synchronicity is the experience of meaningful events in one’s life that are so timely in occurrence that it feels as though some hand of fate or destiny is involved.

Synchronicity happens when we have a thought of some new direction we might take in life. Then some time later, we meet someone, see something, or notice a story in a magazine that gives us the exact information we need to move forward.

We all have inner thoughts but some have intuitive thoughts that simply pop into the mind as images of ourselves doing something concerning others in our lives which usually have a quality of urgency.

Another spiritual reality comes from evidence of a karmic design in our lives, the idea that what goes around comes around.

Positive karma comes directly from helping others, continually acting in a way that is in the best interest of other people. We do this by telling them the best truth or intuition we have to offer, even if it is a hard truth.

We must affirmatively pray for others and think well of them. The key to prayer power is truly feeling deeply grateful. When your gratitude is genuine, you establish faith power.

Live higher experiences of spiritual Awareness because we are designed for something more. If you do not seek this greater life now, you may wake up from your distractions and addictions too late.

Real spiritual experiences surpass all understanding and deepen your inner security and peace, so you can live an inspired and meaningful life.

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