Essential Emotion / Wesentliche Emotion / Emoção Essencial / Emoción Esencial

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Of all the feelings we experience, Love is supreme. It makes life worth living here on Earth and will one day be fully enjoyed in heaven. Unselfish, unconditional, and always looking out for the other person’s best interest.

No matter how gifted, how strong, or how successful you are, without this essential emotion, life is empty and meaningless. If you never give it, you will become self-centered and demanding. If you never receive it, you will constantly strive for acceptance and approval.

Joy is Love delighting, peace is Love resting, patience is Love waiting, kindness is Love reacting, goodness is Love choosing, faithfulness is Love keeping its word, gentleness is Love empathizing, and self-control is Love resisting temptation.

Love speaks the truth, sometimes soft as velvet, or rough like sandpaper, depending on what is needed. Love is your essential emotion, your essential meaning, your essential truth which can not be shut off or ignored. Love makes you whole.

To not love whomever or whatever you desire is to destroy yourself from the inside out. To ignore your heart strings or the uncomfortable longing and sickness right in your gut is to smother and suffocate yourself slowly and surely.

In some ways, Love is a small thing, and in our fast-paced, competitive Society, it may seem easier to plug in to distractions rather than to foster genuine connection. However, you may have more opportunities to experience this essential emotion in your daily life than you think.

Making the most of these can bring a range of remarkable benefits for you and others over time. Finding ways, big and small, to nourish Love, these micro-moments of connection, with the people around you may stretch you and will take practice, but they will be worth every effort.

You can love despite language, despite culture, despite common ground and with something only you can understand. You can love things, even if it is only for a little or for a while. You can love over and over and over again.

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