Eternal Love / Ewige Liebe / Amor Eterno / Amor Eterno

All emotions have a lifespan. They are a function, amongst many others, of time. This means that every emotion felt by you today will eventually die out. You can feel the same emotion again, at another time, for another reason, but like an engine, it will need refuelling, or it will cease to exist with the passage of time.

Happiness, anger, sadness –  every emotion that we feel are a function of the passage of time. They start, flourish and then end. There is no emotion that is perpetual, going on and on without ending, as every emotion is joined by an umbilical cord to the time, that can never be severed, never be cut-off.

If every emotion is a subject of time, is Love any different, does Love die out with time?

Love is not a noun, something that you have. It is a verb, something that you need to do, something you need to keep on working on, trying to make better, trying to put efforts to. It needs work, work which keeps the flame of Love alive. Otherwise, Love is nothing but a candle lit in a cold storm – unprotected, ready to extinguish at any time.

Eternal Love is basically just a Love that never ends. It is a Love so powerful that nothing in the World can stop this strong feeling. It is a Love so strong that it is still there even after death. Just like each person loves differently, each person also has different capabilities of feeling and finding eternal Love. Some people are simply better than others at being open enough to allow eternal Love into their hearts.

It is your willpower that differentiates your ability to love eternal. An eternal Love is somewhat of a choice. While you may not be able to control or choose who you fall in Love with, you do control that you love that person eternal. If you want to love someone for eternity, you have the capacity to do so.

No matter who you are or whether or not you have felt such a powerful Love in your life just yet, you can not deny the definitive proof that eternal Love does exist in many different forms all over the World. Eternal Love seems like it could be something out of our wildest dreams, but the truth is that it is a very real and tangible thing that could be within your own reach … if you want it.

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