Every parent’s worst Nightmare / Der schlimmste Albtraum aller Eltern / O pior pesadelo de todos os Pais / La peor pesadilla de cada Padre

No parent imagines losing sight of her kid – until it happens and you experience the terror of not being able to find your child.

Whether at an amusement park, a parade, in a store, or wherever else childre can get lost – which is anywhere, sometimes even right in your own neighborhood.

Millions of children a year become temporarily separated from a parent for at least an hour. Most are found quickly, often even before they realize a parent is looking for them.

Your child probably is not far. Your child is probably within earshot, so it makes sense to call out his name.

It is important to remain calm though, as what you do first might mean the difference between whether or not you have a happy ending. You are not alone; families can and do survive.

There is no right or wrong way to respond; there is no right or wrong way to feel. Hope is essential.

Do everything you can to; take care of yourself. It is okay, even necessary, to take a break from the stress and walk.

Do not blame yourself at any given moment, you are doing the best you possibly can. Seek peace and solace for yourself.

Imagine surviving a war, only for your child to go missing.

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