Everybody wants to go to Heaven / Jeder will in den Himmel / Todo mundo quer ir para o Céu / Todo el mundo quiere ir al Cielo

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to go now. Everybody wants to live forever but nobody wants to die. Everybody wants to be a witch but nobody wants to apprentice under an odd old lady.

Everybody wants to be a priest but nobody wants to study old stories. Everybody wants to be a millonaire but nobody wants to work 24 hours, seven days a week to get there.

This idea, known as universalism, teaches that all people will go to heaven, either immediately following death or at some time after death, depending on one’s particular view.

Everyone has heaven within himself, in the pure silence of Being, which can be easily and effortlessly accessed through meditation. The state of heaven is not a mood or an intellectual construct in the mind.

It is based on physiological changes that take place in the physiology as a result of regular practice of meditation.

Most people experience a quiet pleasantness whereas others may experience a state of bliss. This inner quality of pleasantness grows with regular practice of meditation.

There are millions of people around the World who have been meditating for years and are enjoying true inner peace – heaven within.

If you could live heaven now, then there is a greater chance of enjoying it after you die. Why take the chance of dying to find out if heaven exists. Enjoy heaven here and now.

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