Everything has already been Done / Alles wurde schon Erlebt / Tudo já foi Feito / Todo ya ha sido Hecho

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While our phones are getting smarter and the possibilities to life become more and more limitless every  day, at times it seems pointless. Every day there are new technologies that will make living your day to day life that much easier.

In the face of all the growth humanity does every hour, and with a World population of 7.5 billion people, the question arises of what is there left to do in the World.

Most people fear having nothing to add to the World, of leaving a common ordinary footprint. You are vulnerable to these moments of despair, moments in which life seems banal and unremarkable.

You must face the fact that there are thousands out there doing similar, if not identical things in their life. If you believe that you have lived a truly original and unique life, then it is likely that you just have not.

Rather than despair in your inability to achieve originality, embrace your similarity to your fellow Humans and accept your life to be an unoriginal contribution to a beautiful collective humanity. Although we may lead similar lives, it is the sequence of actions throughout your life that makes it unique.

Move into timelessness and spacelessness in meditation, where you exist prior to knowing, and time and space disappear. In that way you experience beyond the ‘You’, timelessness, spacelessness, and everything has already happened, and nothing has happened. There is no space. There is no place to live and no place to stand. Here is where the answer is.

If you live from the space prior to Consciousness, you do not become confused about your address and whether events have happened or are not going to happen. In the time continuum you are not part of this time. You are not solely in the moment. In this moment you are in the past, present, and future simultaneously.

The more you meditate the more that becomes your deeper reality by which you are experiencing an illuminated life in the World. The similitude of the nothing becoming the something and the something becoming the nothing, back and forth. you are living with that similitude and all is well as long as you understand that it is the similitude.


You are unique. And there are seven billion others, just as unique as you. Each of us is different, with some new angle on the world. But what does it mean if the lives we’re busy shaping by hand, all end up looking the same – easily replaced by a thousand identical others?

So we all spread out, looking for scraps of frontier, trying to capture something special, something personal. As if we’re afraid of being captured ourselves – so quickly pegged for exactly what we are – so easily mistaken for someone ordinary, just like everyone else.

It should be a comfort that we’re not so different, that our perspectives so neatly align, that these same images keep showing up, again and again. It’s alright if we tell the same jokes we’ve all heard before, it’s alright if we keep remaking the same movies. it’s alright if we keep saying the same phrases to each other, as if they had never been said before.

‘The powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.’ You and I and seven billion others will leave our mark on this world we’ve inherited. But if, in the end, we find ourselves with nothing left to say, nothing new to add, idly tracing outlines left by others long ago, it will be as if we weren’t here at all.

This too has been said many times before. ‘The powerful play goes on.’ But when you get your cue, you say your line.

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