Everything takes Time / Alles braucht Zeit / Tudo leva Tempo / Todo lleva Tiempo

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and regardless of how you are feeling, take a moment to forget about all the places you think you are heading in the future, where you would like to be one day, and how you wish to feel about yesterday and all the days in the past, whether good, bad, or ugly.

Put everything behind you just for this moment and then shift your focus onto only what is here in front of you in this present moment.

Think of one thing, big or small that you feel grateful for. It is usually something you have taken for granted as you fall deeper into the rabbit hole of your never-ending pursuit for ‘more’ or ‘better’.

You desperately strive to fulfill the bottomless pit of desires written down on an endless checklist your mind constructed from its infinite amount of shallow selling points that emptily promise that only when you attain this or that, you will be happy.

So you frantically fry and burn yourself out trying to reach this destination called happiness, only to realize once you have acquired what it was you were so desperately chasing, that there is not a destination and there never was.

Once you get there, you will realize there is not any there to arrive to. There is no endpoint, and you will always want and feel you need more.

Everything you need to feel content is literally right here, right now about who you are and your life, and this all begins by cultivating a sense of gratitude for what you have now, especially the little things.

Seek out and find appreciation, not for only the beauty surrounding you, but also within yourself and all that you have accomplished.

So just for a moment take a break from all the thinking, striving, the trying, the healing, the self improvement and even from maintaining continual positivity, and just become aware of feeling a sense of gratitude for this life and all of the endless possibilities and opportunities that lie before you now.

You are not bound to your past, and you are under absolutely no obligation to be who you were yesterday, last week, last month, a year ago and definitely not five years ago.

There is no ultimatum requiring you to make the same mistakes you did when you were younger. It is okay to want different things, new places, new people, and seek out all of these things on new and different horizons because everything takes time.

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