Everything will Collapse / Alles wird Zusammenbrechen / Tudo entrará em Colapso / Todo Colapsará

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Our collective actions seem to have pushed the World toward collapse.

Natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. The sources of drinking water are being poisoned. Pollution in many forms is increasing to dangerous levels. Climate change and its effects are getting worse. The environment and farmlands are being critically degraded. Commercial fishing stocks are collapsing. Populations are still rising.

When you hear about these topics you probably do what most other people do and dismiss these uncomfortable truths as a concerning problem but hope that one day they will be solved somehow in the future. You have to hope and believe that governments, science and technology will eventually do something to solve it. It is their responsibility, not yours.

There are two events that you will need to plan for. The first is survival during the global world collapse. The second is survival after the collapse. 

We should realize that that nature underpins all aspects of our life, so we are not truly ourselves without it. We should realize this in all aspects of our individual life and, critically in our economy, in the way we do business, in the way we develop infrastructure.

We can stop the collapse of nature by no longer considering nature as unavoidable collateral damage of the human enterprise. By incorporating nature considerations in all sectors of the economy. Every time that something is done in business, construction, trade, travel, agriculture, mining, ask whether it is good or damaging to nature.

We need to do some very serious transformative change. Integration across all stakeholders and all people. Each one of us is part of the solution, and we need to share solutions, from citizens, to scientists, to policy makers, to decision makers, being inclusive with the participation of everyone.

Innovation by developing sustainable, environmentally friendly products and technologies that support our needs but help lower or even revert the impact caused by the drivers of this collapse. The drivers causing nature’s collapse are the intervention and expansion in the use of land and ocean, exploitation of living resources, pollution, and climate change.

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