Face the Facts / Sieh den Tatsachen ins Auge / Encare os Fatos / Enfrenta los Hechos

What I think an awakening really involves, is a re-examination of our common sense. We have got all sorts of ideas built into us, which seem unquestioned, obvious.

And our speech reflects them; its common phrases. ‘Face the facts.’ As if they were outside you. As if life were something they simply encountered as a foreigner. ‘Face the facts.’

Our common sense has been rigged, you see, so that, we feel strangers and aliens in this World, and this is terribly plausible, simply because this is what we are used to. That’s the only reason.

But when you really start questioning this, say ‘Is that the way I have to assume life is? I know everybody does, but does that make it true?’ It doesn’t necessarily. It ain’t necessarily so.

And so then, as you question this basic assumption that underlies our culture, you find you get a new kind of common sense. It becomes absolutely obvious to you, that you are continuous with the universe.

For example, people used to believe that people who lived in the Antiguas would fall off, and that was scary. But then somebody sailed around the World, and we all got used to it, we travel around in jet planes and everything. We have no problem feeling that the Earth is globular. None whatever. We got used to it.

So in the same way Einstein’s relativity theories – the curvature of the propagation of light, that began to bother people when Einstein started talking about that. But now we’re all used to it.

So in a few years, it will be a matter of commons sense to many people that they’re one with the universe. It’ll be so simple.

And then maybe if that happens, we shall be in a position to handle our technology with more sense.

With Love instead of with hate for our environment.

With Love instead of with hate for our environment.

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