Falling in Love / Sich Verlieben / Apaixone-Se / Enamorarse

Falling in Love is like falling into something that has no floor. It is great and exhilarating and a bit scary, but mostly great, and when you feel it, you should allow yourself to enjoy it.

You bounce between exhilaration, euphoria, increased energy, trembling, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, a racing heart and accelerated breathing, as well as anxiety, panic and feelings of despair.

You simply can not avoid the sensual reaction of Love

Lust is the initial stage of getting involved with Love. The feel of lust is basically backed up by the sexual hormones within the body. Oestrogen and Testosterone are the two types of hormones present equally in men and women’s body that excites the feeling of lust within the brain.

In addition, lust, Love, and pleasure ensure the endurance of mankind through mating. The mating process is a discrete interrelated process initiating attraction.

Second stage of getting involved with Love is attraction. This phase is one of the beautiful moments of life. This is the phase when you actually start to feel the Love.

Impatience for attracting somebody leads to excitement, and you are left with no other option but to only think about that specific person. There are three more sub-stages of attraction that portray drastic changes, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin.

Passing through the above two stages of Love successfully, the third stage of getting involved with Love is attachment. The time of bonding with each other becomes powerful.

Attachment is a bond helping to take the relationship to advanced levels. It instigates the feeling of falling in Love wholeheartedly.

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