Falling into a bottomless Pit / In eine bodenlose Grube Fallen / Cair em um poço sem Fundo / Caer en un pozo sin Fondo

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Nothing in the outside World is certain, that is a fact, and that is what makes it challenging. Uncertainty means things are changing. If you are walking fast, every step is new terrain. This new terrain is what you are calling uncertainty.

For those seeking opportunity, uncertainty is the best time. Those who have a vision will make it a possibility; those who do not, will look at it as a problem.

But, because you are in a constant state of compulsive reaction in your mind, you are seeking certainty. By seeking certainty, ultimately, you are pitching for stagnation.

If things are stagnant, you will get bored. If things are happening rapidly, then you do not have the balance to handle it. The problem is not with uncertainty; the problem is your interiority has become uncertain.

If we have to fix the whole World for you to be peaceful, that is never going to happen. What we have to do instead is fix your interiority. If your interiority is not compulsive, you will handle every situation to the best of your ability and that is about it. You will not suffer every situation you come across simply because you are in a compulsive state of reaction.

Interiority is a dimension by itself. It can not be crafted according to external situations – there is certainty in life right now, so I will have one kind of interiority.

Now there is uncertainty, so I will have another kind of interiority – it does not work that way. It is not something you determine; it is something that is. So, how to keep it? Well, there is no way to keep it. If it is conscious, it will not be compulsive.

All that you have is the experience of life. The important thing is how you experience it. So, if your interiority is in a non-compulsive, conscious state, then you determine your experience.

The situations, in many ways, you determine part of them, the World determines part of them. But how you experience life, that is 100% in your hands.

If you want to handle a situation, no matter how large, the first thing you have to do is equip yourself. There is one way with which you can create a stable and blissful chemistry within yourself, your ability to deal with all the variety of ups and downs in life can be greatly, greatly enhanced. How? With yoga.

Yoga gives you this possibility that if you simply sit here, there is a little space between you and your body, there is a little space between you and your mind, and there is a little space between you and the World. Once you create this space within you; once you know what is you and what is not; that is the end of suffering.

When there is no fear of suffering, you will be able to look at everything with utmost clarity and address every issue to the best of your intelligence and capability. Situations will never overwhelm you.

Falling is great until you hit bottom. If you fall into bottomless pit, there is no problem.


Yoga not in a studio in Mumbai or Los Angeles or on television. Yoga has to be approached in a comprehensive way. Yoga offers a systematic way of working upon your interiority by showing you 112 ways in which you can address your immediate and ultimate wellbeing.

Yoga is an entire science and technology. If you invest 30 to 40 minutes a day, in terms of vitality in your body and mind you will be at least 10 years younger in the next 6 months.

And your ability to create and manage things will be such that what you can do in 8 hours you will do it in 4 to 5 hours. If you are sleeping 8 hours a day, you can bring it down to 5 to 6 hours a day without stressing the body.

Yoga is the technology that lets you read the user’s manual of the most sophisticated gadget – the Human mechanism. If you know how to handle the Human mechanism, then what about external situations?

Some you can handle, some you can not. But as long as you know how to handle yourself, it is not a problem. It may be a challenge, but it is not a problem.

There are only situations and situations and situations in life. Only those who do not know how to handle them, label them as a problem. A clear mind will see everything for what it is. Do not think in terms of how to turn everything into something else. Learn how to see everything for what it is.

For this you need clarity. If you need clarity, you need an unclouded mind, an unprejudiced mind, a mind which is not in a state of confusion, but in the lap of Consciousness.

That mind will see everything as it is. If you want to turn everything into an opportunity it is up to you, otherwise you can enjoy as it is. The greatest possibilities in life are its uncertainties.

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