Family Issues / Familienprobleme / Problemas Familiares / Problemas Familiares

Difference in opinions, personalities, beliefs or values; change in family circumstances like a new baby, separation or divorce; financial problems; alcohol or drug use; mental health problems; bullying or harassment.

Family are the most important people to you so any of these relationship problems can be distressing to you and lead to negative emotions like anger, sadness and anxiety; exhaustion, confusion and a feeling of isolation.

Behind the anger, behind the disrespect, and behind the manipulation is a scared child in desperate need of connection, Love, and acceptance. If you show up for your child in a different state, he can only be different. When you are in a loving state, you automatically do the right thing … Love never fails. – Heather T. Forbes

The way out is Love. Not some lofty, grand idea of Love. Not the feeling of Love, which can be hard to access when you are in a state of fight. By love, I mean an action.

That courageous thing you do in that moment of conflict and you are at the end of your rope, ready to give up. The choice that faces you in those really terrible moments, when you are hot with rage and cold with fright. The choice between Love and fear.

It is not complicated, really. You just forget everything you have been taught about what you are supposed to do. Tell yourself: ‘Whatever the question, Love is the answer.’

Take a deep breath and blow it out to shift yourself back into belly breathing, which calms your nervous system. Love never fails. Not complicated, but not easy.

No problem is beyond your Love. No Love you give is ever wasted.

And each time you do this, it gets easier. You are laying down neural pathways, so you are rewiring your brain. Loving helps you to heal yourself, so that you can live more fully.

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