Fear is only an Illusion / Angst ist nur eine Illusion / O medo é apenas uma Ilusão / El miedo es solo una Ilusión

When you walk through the illusions of your fear, what awaits you on the other side is Love, freedom, and joy – that which persists beyond the illusion of fear.

To experience fear as an illusion rather than a force that controls you, is to become conscious of how it is a choice. Release the illusion of fear and you will awaken from the illusion that there is any curse to being in this world.

Consciousness is eternal and unified and the separation you experience as individuals is a perceptual illusion. Fear is the name of the repulsive force you created in order to experience separation / differentiation. Therefore, your experience of fear, along with your experience of individuality and diversity, is an illusion.

Fear is not an external force that exists in separation from you – it only exists within your perception. Not only does your spirit not experience fear, it is not capable of feeling fearyou are your spirit’s choice to experience fear. This choice is not made from a desire to suffer, it is made from a desire to experience diversity and individuality in relation to a collective.

Fear is the basis for all states that you seek to avoid, label as negative, or that lead you to believe that the non-physical / spirit is a better place to be. A cornerstone of fear is the belief that there are external forces which have the ability to oppose you. It is a belief in the existence of ‘my opponent’ that creates the reality of being opposed.

You are ‘All That Is’ (eternal-consciousness), and only from within the illusion of separation can you create the illusion of opposing yourself. No force has ever acted on you other than yourself – for your permission / choice is your expression of Self. This means that all experience is by consent / your own creation.

There is nothing to fear except the illusions you create in order to feel fear.

Know that all experiences of a fear can be transformed by facing that fear, journeying into it, and releasing it. The release occurs when you realize you did not need to fear whatever it is you felt you needed to fear. This is to realize that the power to not be in fear was always with you.

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