Find your true Identity / Finde Deine wahre Identität / Encontre sua verdadeira Identidade / Encuentra tu verdadera Identidad

When you get out of the way of your Ego, you can learn to truly experience Love from the inside out – as an intrinsic part of your nature, and as an intrinsic part of all creation. When you experience Love this way, you find your calling. This is living your life authentically. This is living your bliss.

There is no escape from yourself, not through drugs, not through sex, not through alcohol or junk food. While you may feel like you have escaped, the effects will soon wear off. And once again, you will find yourself in waiting. As the Buddha said, ‘Life is the creation of your mind.’

It is amazing how everything will change when you change. Societal conditioning has misrepresented who you are. So many things in your life have been based on things that are not even true. Ask yourself, ‘Who am I?, Who am I?, Who am I?’ and find your true identity.

Consciously reduce your attachment to material comforts. Attachment to things outside of you will not lead you to happiness. They are just an escape from facing yourself. As a Society, we have become very receptive to media messages about external comforts. Non-attachment requires not chasing after these shadows and luxuries. You have needs but you are not those needs. You have desires but you are not those desires.

Without the foundation of a positive self-esteem, you will always seek external methods of validation. Love is always the answer. Loving yourself leads directly to loving choices for yourself and for others. Loving yourself gets you to the true source of who you are. This is the start of consciously awakening to who you are. You become your own healer.

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