Finding your Truth / Deine Wahrheit Finden / Encontrando sua Verdade / Encontrando tu Verdad

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Whether you identify yourself as struggling with addiction or not, as Humans, we are all confronted with the painful experience of separation. Times when you feel alone and disconnected from your essence.

It is ironic that by being able to accept these experiences and by having compassion for yourself when you are feeling them, that is what allows you to go through them more gracefully until you reconnect with your true nature and the Love you are.

Everyone knows what it is like to betray yourself – to not be yourself.

The way home is not through the path of the intellect. It is through softening to your experience and by having compassion with yourself when you are caught up in the illusion of separation.

This helps you to suffer less, and you will always eventually settle, whether your perceived separation from Self is big or small.

You heal by awakening in Consciousness, and by experientially knowing that the Love you are seeking is found inside of yourself. It has been there all along, and the only thing that can separate yourself from experiencing it, is your thoughts.

The busy mind of your dissatisfied Ego is constantly looking outside for something you already have. That is the Human condition whether you label yourself as addict or not. And the Human condition serves to point you in the direction of your divine nature.

Your feelings let you know when you are caught up in your Ego-referenced thoughts and the illusion of separation. They give you cues to help you remember to compassionately surrender to your temporary experience until you settle and return to your natural state of connection with the Love.

We are all in the process of recovering our true selves. The innate intelligence inside of us is facilitating that process whether you realize it or not. The timing is not yours to decide so you may as well relax and enjoy the ride.

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