Flirt with Madness / Mit dem Wahnsinn Flirten / Flertar com a Loucura / Coquetear con la Locura

The madness of a wild Love affair is such a great distraction in your life from everything else. But it is one thing to enjoy this experience and it is another thing to loose your mind and flirt with madness. Love is the great leveller, and everyone wants it.

But in its extremes, it is painful, cruel, obsessive and can resemble madness.

When Love goes wrong, the psychological consequences can be very problematic and even catastrophic.

So phenomena like infatuation, sexual jealousy, heartbreak, inappropriate attachments, sexual addiction, and perhaps even worse, stalking, murder and suicide connected with heartbreak have to be taken very serious.

When people fall in Love, when people have sex there are chemicals released that are like amphetamines, like opiates, you can get addicted to the state because it resembles other states that are produced when you take drugs and become addicted to them.

We can also see in the brain how certainly falling in Love is like flirting with madness and very similar to mental illnesses.

We all like to think that mental illness is something that happens to other people, or that we have no great psychological vulnerabilities, but in fact we are all walking along the edge of a precipice, and it does not take much to push you off.

The extremely dark side is jealousy when it gets out of hand and becomes pathological in physical violence and murder. It is frightening and illustrates quite dramatically how ultimately jealousy is really bound up with Love.

If you do not love someone, you are not jealous, you do not care. It always tends to go with a deep and profound emotional attachment.

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