Flying Carpet / Fliegender Teppich / Tapete Voador / Alfombra Voladora

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A Flying carpet is a legendary carpet that can be used to transport Humans who are on it instantaneously or quickly to their destination. King Solomon of Israel is the earliest known historical figure to be associated with a Flying carpet.

The legendary Queen of Sheba had a royal alchemist who perfected his skills and when he discovered the secret, she had him make a magic carpet, and be sent to King Solomon as a token of her Love.

This carpet was made of green silk embroidered with gold and silver and precious stones. The carpet is said to have been so large that the king’s host could stand on it.

When the carpet arrived, King Solomon was busy with the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem. He could not receive the gift, and gave it to one of his courtiers instead.

When news of this cold reception reached the Queen of Sheba, she was heart-broken, and decided not to have anything more to do with magic carpets. Without royal patronage, the alchemist could no longer make magic carpets, and the knowledge is said to have been lost forever.

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