Follow your Heart / Folge deinem Herzen / Siga seu Coração / Siga su Corazón

The Heart was long identified as the center of the entire body, the seat of life, or emotion, or reason, will, intellect, purpose or the mind.

The Heart is an emblematic symbol in many religions, signifying truth, conscience or moral courage in many religions

– the temple or throne of God in Islamic and Judeo-Christianity

– the divine center and the third eye of transcendent wisdom in Hinduism

– the diamond of purity and essence of the Buddha

– the Taoist center of understanding.

Instead of setting practical, monetary, and professional goals, decide to make goals to follow your Heart. If you have spent your professional life living in your head, pushing yourself harder and harder, this may be a welcome change.

You can stop trying to prove yourself to the World, to your boss, to your customer, and focus on proving that you are good enough and content enough to yourself.

There is no greater truth that when you follow your Heart, you cease to have regrets. While things may not always go in your favor, at least you have tried.

At least you will know the truth, and at least you know you will not live asking yourself, what if? You learn to trust your instincts and know that if you listen, your Heart will guide you in the right direction.

When you start to follow your Heart, when you are willing to ask the tough questions about what really matters to you, you may get to know yourself on a level that you never have before.

You may surprise yourself, when you are willing to ask the deep and tough questions, what you would choose if faced between what your Heart and your intellect tell you to do.

When you listen to your Heart, you can ask yourself if you are on your right and genuine path. If there is apathy or ambiguity for what you are currently doing, you know that somewhere and somehow, you have gone off course.

That you are not on the path that you should be, the path of fulfillment. Your Heart will guide you towards your true direction, and your ultimate calling.

When you follow your Heart, you truly begin to love yourself. You start to believe that you are good enough, even great. You believe that you are exactly the person you should be.

That everything that has happened to you, good or bad, has made you the person you are today.

That each of the things that has happened was for a reason, taught you a lesson, and enabled you to develop some skill and knowledge you possess today. You are just as you should be.

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