Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse / Apokalyptische Reiter / Cavaleiros do Apocalipse / Jinetes del Apocalipsis

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to John of Patmos, at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a book or scroll in God’s right hand that is sealed with seven seals.

The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses.

Though theologians and popular culture differ on the first horseman, the four riders are often seen as symbolizing Conquest or Pestilence (and less frequently, the Christ or the Antichrist), War, Famine, and Death.

The Christian apocalyptic vision is that The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are to set a divine apocalypse upon the World as harbingers of the Last Judgment.

The modern day Four Horsemen continue to ride roughshod over the people who can least afford it. Crises are converging when governments, religion and mainstream economists have stalled.

23 international thinkers come together and break their silence about how the World really works and why there is still hope in re-establishing a moral and just Society.

Four Horsemen is free from mainstream media propaganda, doesn’t bash bankers, criticize politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories.

The film ignites the debate about how we usher a new economic paradigm into the World which, globally, would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions.

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