Freedom is Mine / Freiheit gehört Mir / A liberdade é Minha / La libertad es Mia

Mind wandering, independent thought, spontaneous thinking, free associating, creative imagining are some of the terms to describe what occurs to your mind when you notice its functioning, or when you allow it the freedom to be in its natural condition: open, aware and spontaneously fluid.

Such freedom of mind is being increasingly declared as undesirable. Seduced by a promise of digital perfection and virtual reality, you are forgetting that life is a lived experience in which meaning unfolds through a process of being embodied, as your mind wander from the unconscious and preconscious, to fully conscious.

The question is not whether you can be free of thoughts and perform with ever increasing efficiency, but whether you are authentic and present to all of your being. Mind wandering serves as a function of dissociating and avoiding the Awareness of certain aspects of your present experience, it could be said to be related to unhappiness.

When the mind is allowed to be free, its spontaneous activity reveals two aspects: the arising and passing of thoughts and other mental contents, and the background nondual Awareness .

This background nondual Awareness appears in meditation to be self-same and unchanging. Mental states in meditation are quite complex and the neural signatures we have been able to detect so far are certainly only a small part of what is going on in the brain during such states.

Freedom is Mine and I am feeling Good

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