Fuck Society / Scheiss Gesellschaft / Foda-se a Sociedade / Sociedad de Mierda

Society is a group of people involved in persistent social interaction. Society may be illustrated as an economic, social, industrial or cultural infrastructure, made up of, yet distinct from, a varied collection of individuals.

In this regard Society can mean the objective relationships people have with the material world and with other people, rather than ‘other people’ beyond the individual and their familiar social environment.

Society, in general, addresses the fact that an individual has rather limited means as an autonomous unit. The great apes have always been more (Bonobo) or less (Gorilla) social animals, so Robinson Crusoe-like situations are either fictions or unusual corner cases.

Society may also be structured politically. In order of increasing size and complexity, there are bands, tribes, and state societies. These structures may have varying degrees of political power, depending on the cultural, geographical, and historical environments.

Society can also consist of like-minded people governed by their own norms and values within a dominant, larger society. This is sometimes referred to as a subculture.

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