Full embrace of Life / Volle Umarmung des Lebens / Abraço total da Vida / Abrazo completo de la Vida

Life is beautiful, even if you can not see it all the time. This life is yours. Own your life because it is the only one you have. Do all the things you want to do and more.

Love every second of it. Just let go and go with the flow.

Adapt to what life throws at you and persevere through it. It is not always easy, but you are strong and you can do this. Do not let fear stop you. You can do it.

Nothing works out perfect, and if it does, please tell me how you did it. Life is about how you navigate through the storm. Everything will fall into place at the end of the day.

Take what life gives you and work with it because that is all you can really do. Things may not work out the way you planned, but they will work out.

Bad things happen every day, but good things happen every day. Never give up after a bad day. Never let life knock you down.

Get up the next morning and tell the World that you have got this, because you do.  You are strong and can handle it, no matter how hard it may seem.

Thinking that you are here living in this amazing World is crazy. You are here for a reason, to be a part of this beautiful World. Embrace people and love.

The World would not be the same without you. Embrace every single thing life has to offer because your life will not be the same tomorrow or in the next hour.

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