Give in to Giving / Gib dem Geben nach / Ceder a Dar / Ceder a Dar

Money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can give time, we can give our expertise, we can give our Love or simply give a smile. None of us can ever run out of something worthwhile to give.

You feel wonderful during the times when you are able to give. Truly global living should really be called global giving.

It is one of life’s paradoxes that we limit the power of your giving by having an expectation of getting something in return.

The wonderful surprise is that when you give without any thought or desire for something back, your returns can be truly limitless.

The joy of making someone happy is more powerful than you could have possibly imagined.

There is something inexplicably satisfying in witnessing people unwrap a gift and respond with unadulterated amazement and happiness.

You have made them smile, and that is worth far more than money or any material item.

Humans are an inherently social species. We have survived and thrived because we take care of one another. Generosity and gratitude are survival instincts.

Even the simple act of sharing food or shelter with another person is an example of humanity’s intrinsic generosity. If humaity were a selfish species, we would have gone extinct a long time ago.

Being more grateful will put you in the mindset to be a more generous person.

If you are able to appreciate all that you have, you will be more likely to share some of those great things with others, to help them appreciate life as well. When you talk to someone, start wondering about how you could help.

If you truly want to be generous, then you have to give just because we want to give, not because we have ulterior motives and want something in return.

Being generous helps you feel more compassionate towards others, gives a stronger sense of community, and to establishes a higher self-image.

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