Give yourself a Life / Gib dir ein Leben / Dê a si mesmo uma Vida / Date una Vida

Whose life are you living. You would love to believe that it is fully your own. You might want to think again. You are wired to seek permission.

When you were a kid, you needed permission from parents, teachers and other elders.

When you grow up, you seek permission from your bosses and authorities. Your mind is conditioned to ask for permission.

You must learn to give yourself permission and become the owner of your life. You have the key to unlock the full potential of your life. When you take complete ownership of your life, you are in charge of your life experiences.

There is no space for blame or for excuses. The permission you must give yourself. Nobody else will give you the permission to live your life the way you want.

You can not preserve this life – you can only expend it. Whether you just sit around or create something fantastic, whether you do something profound or something silly, you will die.

You have to spend your life and the only question is how.

The choice of how you spend your life is a privilege. It is in your hands how beautifully, how profoundly, how magnificently – or how foolishly, how uselessly, how lethargically you live.

To create what you want in the world, you have to bring many forces together. To create what you want within yourself, you have to bring yourself together.

It is stressful to live up to people’s expectation of who they think you are. If you be yourself, the right people will attract in your life and you will not have to put energy into showing a fake version of you.

When you fake your identity, you try to live up to the fake version you show to the world.

You do not have to pretend to enjoy the activities that other people might like. Take a break and do things that you find fun or relaxing. Happiness is a skill.

If you can not be happy today, you will not be happy tomorrow. To develop the happiness skill you can practice gratitude and mindfulness.

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