Global sorrow of Mankind / Globales Leid der Menschheit / Tristeza global da Humanidade / Tristeza global de la Humanidad

On dark days, the sun still rises. In the darkest night, the moon still shines in a sky of stars. On a day of global sorrow, somebody will be born and her parents will be glad. And so it goes, if you have a wedding, rejoice.

If today is your birthday, do not be afraid to celebrate. Humanity must carry many emotions at once. We mourn, we rejoice, we sorrow, but not without hope.

We have got five minutes more left. We must also discuss, talk over together the other factor which exists in our Consciousness, which is sorrow, grief, pain and the wound, the hurts that exist in most Human beings from childhood.

The hurt, from that hurt, psychological hurt, the pain of it, the remembrance of it, the holding on to it, and the grief that arises from it, and also there is sorrow involved in it.

And also there is the global sorrow of mankind which has faced thousands and thousands of wars, millions and millions of people have cried.

And this war machine is still going on, directed by the politicians, by our nationalism, by our feeling that we are separate from the rest, ‘We and They’, ‘You and Me’.

That is a global sorrow which the politicians are building, building, building.

And we are ready for another war – I hope there won’t be, but when you are preparing for something there must be some kind of explosion somewhere. It may not be in the Middle East, it may happen here, as long as you are preparing for something you are going to get it – like preparing food.

But we are so – if I may use the word without disrespect – we are so stupid to allow all this to go on: terrorism – you know, the whole of it.

So, we are asking – perhaps we shall continue with it the day after tomorrow – we are asking whether this whole pattern of being hurt, lonely, pain, resistance, withdrawal, isolation, which causes further pain, grief, sorrow of my son’s death, sorrow of losing something, losing some precious belief that I have held.

The disillusionment that comes when I have followed somebody, one has given one’s life, one’s endeavour, struggled for somebody, surrendered oneself to something, and then get disillusioned and from that, pain, anxiety, uncertainty, sorrow. You have noticed all this? That is the pattern of our Consciousness.

When one asks: is it possible ever – ever to be free of all this?

It is possible if we apply, not endlessly talk about it. If I realise that I am hurt from childhood, psychologically and see all the consequences of that hurt.

The consequences are I resist, I withdraw, I don’t want to be hurt anymore, I encourage isolation and therefore I am building a wall round myself; and my wife also is hurt and she is doing the same thing. Right? I don’t know if you realise all these things.

So that is, the consequences of being hurt from childhood are pain, resistance, withdrawal, isolation, more and more, deeper and deeper fear.

And the global sorrow of mankind – I don’t know if you have ever thought about it even. How man, Human being, has been tortured through wars, tortured under dictatorship, totalitarianism, tortured in different parts of the World.

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