Global Wealth Inequality / Globale Reichtum Ungleichheit / Desigualdade na Riqueza Global /

The Distribution of Wealth is a comparison of the wealth of various members or groups in a Society. Inequality is no longer simply a matter of poor people living in less developed countries and rich people living in more developed countries.

Global inequality not only increases across the World as a whole, but within most countries in the World, billions of poor people living right alongside those millionaires.

Neoliberal Economic and policy changes, including deregulation, privatization, the global tax haven system, the growth of the financial sector, financial secrecy, increasing returns to capital versus labour and globalization over the past 30 years, have potentialized the ability of the rich to further concentrate their wealth.

Companies working in oil, gas and other extractive industries are using their economic power in different ways to secure their dominant position. They lobby to secure government subsidies, tax breaks in order to prevent the emergence of green alternatives.

The global web of tax havens and the industry of tax avoidance is maintained by highly paid, industrious professionals in the private banking, legal, accounting and investment industries.

This global system of tax avoidance is sucking the life out of welfare states in the rich World. Tax avoidance is a problem that is rapidly getting worse and is an abuse of Human rights.

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