Growing up not growing Apart / Aufwachsen nicht Auseinanderwachsen / Crescendo não crescendo à Parte / Crecer no crecer Aparte

Best friend of mine,

First, I want to say that I am so thankful for you. You have always been there in times of need. You are the fun party and adventure friend and the serious and warning dad friend all in one. There are no instructions on how to live, and we both know lives are changing. They always have been.

We have not just been dating for free movies, we have been dating to find our soulmate. We have been spending more and more time with this one person because they might just have been the one we spend our lives with. I knew it was easy to feel like we are losing each other to a woman, but that has not been the case, never.

But still the truth is, since, we have not been hanging out every day like we used to. We had spent almost every day in school together and it was great, I would not trade a memory for the World, and we had endless time. Now our schedules criss-cross and it is not so simple as it used to be.

Life is happening – that is the most sense I can make out of it – but that does not mean I love you any less. You know I will drop anything for you when you need me. Those are the details of our friendship that will not change, even when our lives do. That has been and still is a kept promise.

When friends grow apart, they lose the care for each other that they always had. They can not find the ability to pick up where they left off and the communication goes ghost, and usually there is more of a reason to it all.

We are lucky enough to still have those wonderful qualities, but I know it can be easy to confuse growing up and growing apart because the decisions are challenging to everyone, and we are bound to make mistakes along the way. We both have been learning how to balance our lives and still be happy within.

I am still learning to remind myself that my happiness needs to be at the top of the list and you should do the same, because your happiness has always meant much to me. We are still searching for new adventures and .. ourselves.

Every day we make choices and events occur that allow us to learn a little more about who we are and who we want to be. I never stopped loving you like the brother you have always been to me. I never stopped being your support.

I always have been here for you and I always will be, with faith and without judgement. We have worked on any project together, knowing we will get through it. I need you to understand. We will always be each other’s go-to, whether I am down the street or across the country.

A lot is changing, but not everything is.

Yes, sometimes people do change and it tests the bond between you, but it is important to know what kind of energy you need in your life, and hopefully you can see past the meaningless differences.

You are going to continue meeting new people and new friends, and you will unravel who they are, just as you and I had over time. I have met new people whom I have grown to love, but guess what? No one will ever be you. Please, remember that.

We still laugh, talk, all the same as we did at our last gathering. Nothing can touch our friendship unless we let it. Always talk to me. Always text me. Always call me. I am still here, I never left.

We are growing up, but I would never choose for us to grow apart.

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