Happiness / Glück / Felicidade / Felicidad

We seem to have lost our way where happiness is concerned. Over the last hundred years, we have become confused about how to create happines in our lives and we are miserable for it.

Long hours of work to buy stuff that we really do not need but feel compelled to purchase. This fallacy of consumerism equals satisfaction and contentment didn’t just spring from out of nowhere. Billions have been spent by the advertising industry to cultivate that myth.

What is conveniently overlooked in this mad rush towards consumerism and perpetual growth is the effect both have on the environment, our families, communities and feeling of belonging and not to mention our health. Consumersim has significant consequences.

We increasingly need bigger houses, more expensive cars, clothing and lifestyles. We become addicted to the buyers high. But, in the process, we accumulate more debt, which in turn requires us to work longer hours taking away precious time from our family and friends.

Fortunately, a quiet revolution is taking place: sustainable happiness. Instead of consumption and expansion, the idea of sustainable happiness is based on building a healthy natural World and a vibrant and fair Society.

It is not at the mercy of good or bad times, but endures because this form of happiness is supported by the fundamental aspirations of being Human. Loving relationships, thriving ecosystems and Human communities, meaningful work and simple practices like gratitude.

Cultivate positive habits in your life. Regular exercise, spending time in nature, a daily practice of gratitude and encouraging mindfulness all contribute to collective well-being. Find work you love, address your addictions, live simply and give the gift of time.

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