Have fun in Life / Divirta-se na Vida / Diviértete en la Vida

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Seriousness is a kind of disease; it is a cancer of the soul. It is only through Love and laughter and a tremendous fun in life that you start feeling the presence of something that is beyond.

When life becomes an adventure, a dance of ecstasy, then only do you move beyond the confinement of the body and mind and soar high towards the infinite.

If you can love, and if you can laugh, totally, wholeheartedly, your life will become such a bliss and a benediction, not only to yourself, but to everyone else. You will be a blessing to this World. – Osho.

Fun stands for free, unlimited and now. Be free to try new things. Give yourself time to have unlimited fun. Seize the now. Fun is now, being able to enjoy in the present that is producing happy chemicals in your brain. When having fun, be sure that your mind is completely focused on that activity.

Life is fun. If your not having much fun in life something needs to change. Fun is a word that must be defined by each individual. For some it may be a hobby, for other it may be work, but each person has their own idea of what fun is.

You may classify a lot of your activities in life as something other than fun. Sure you have to work, study, be a parent, and many other things that may not seem to be fun but that is not really true. You can choose to make any scenario fun.

The World you live in is to great to not enjoy everything you can. Sometimes the decision can be hard to have a positive outlook but as you do so it not only makes it more enjoyable but it allows those around you to have the same attitude.

I am dead serious about fun in life.

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