Heart of Noise / Herz des Lärms / Coração de Ruído / Corazón de Ruido

You want to think of Love as an emotion, as some sort of noise in your heart. While love triggers emotion, it is actually more of a motivational state and Love is activating the part of the brain connected with gains, losses, cravings and regulation of emotions.

In other words, the brain creates Love to get what it wants. What it wants is the object of affection, so it manufactures Love to motivate you to deliver its desire.

When we experience a stressful situation like a heartbreak, your brain sends out a fight or flight signal, an all or nothing thinking, a black and white thinking, as if you are about to be killed if you do not react.

Black and white thinking is when we only see things in extremes. In prehistoric times, this helped, but nowadays black and white thinking  is less a lifesaver, and more a source of drama.

You miss out on the myriad of other realistic options available to you, but instead you increase your chances of depression. Black and white thinking leaves you on a cycle of highs and lows because it is very emotionally stimulating when you think this way.

Watch out for extreme words, such as always, never, the best, the worst. When you catch yourself using such statements, take a moment to look at your thought.

When you experience stress, stress hormones cause you to focus on and build negative memories while ignoring the positive side to your experiences.

Sometimes friends, despite best intentions, sympathise and encourage your negativity and righteous indignation and send you on a spiral of upset before you know it.

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