Higher purpose of Love / Höhere Zweck der Liebe / Maior finalidade do Amor / Mayor propósito del Amor

The real power of Love is connected to your higher purpose in the World. When you give your life to your higher purpose, real Love will naturally emanate from you.

If you neglect this and go against your higher purpose, Love will degenerate into frantic desire and fear. Love’s grace and power will be lost.

Many people consider the relationships of Love to be the most significant part of their life. What is the purpose of relationships of Love in our lives?

Do we have relationships of Love just so that we enjoy life more? Do we have relationships of Love to keep us from getting lonely?

You will most likely find that there will be many people in life whom you could love and for whom you would feel great attraction. Yet very few of them will offer you the gift of knowledge.

The purpose of a genuine relationship is not the unlearning of illusions through disappointment, but the realization of spiritual reality through fulfilling a greater purpose together.

You can love someone intensely from the start, but this is not yet real Love. It is not yet a Love that can withstand the challenges of life. It may be very intense, but it is only momentary.

Great Love is established through participation together. Participation together is accomplished through compatibility and shared purpose. Do not base your relationship on Love.

Love ignites the flame, but what feeds the flame is your ability to share, express and demonstrate a real purpose in the World. Relationship is not built on a spark; it is kept alive through the fire of Love.

True Love is always calm because it is always based on recognition and compatibility. True Love will grow because true participation in relationship is the vehicle for its expression.

True Love may ignite a relationship, but in truth it will be the result of a relationship. A real relationship will produce real Love. An unreal relationship will not.

You may have to leave someone you love in order to progress. You may need to stay with someone you love. You may need to find a primary relationship. The courage to find, the courage to stay, and the courage to leave are all based on knowledge. Love is only lost when honesty is lost.

Be concerned about being honest and compassionate. If you are being honest and compassionate, then everything you do will be beneficial.

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