Hit the like Button / Drück die Like-Taste / Aperte o botão Curtir / Presione el botón Me Gusta

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There is a very simple reason a like on social media feels so good. It gives you a high – a real, physiological high – and it is fundamentally the reason you keep going back to it. It is a reward cycle, you get a squirt of dopamine every time you get a like or a positive response.

Similar to the way you feel when you have a drink. The more likes the more shots. The more shots you have, the more shots you want. And you are in a loop. The social media like triggers that reward cycle and the more you get it, the more you want it. It becomes a vicious cycle.

You love the dopamine hit you get from your daily fix of likes / favorites / comments / new followers. It gives you a sense of progress, a sense of meaning, and happiness to get that feedback and external affirmation.

The online World is one of virtual reality, not actual reality; and while it can put on a good show when it comes to catering to the social interaction you crave as Human being, it is nothing in comparison to the real thing. 

Instead of using it for a tool of aspiration, positivity and motivation, you use it against yourself. You believe you are less than, have less than, and will be less than everyone else, because you can see all these other opportunities out there that you are not able to engage in.

At the end of your life, will you rest satisfied knowing that you have a million likes on social media. Will having a lot of books published and in prestigious exhibitions bring you peace. Will traveling all around the World bring you satisfaction, joy and happiness.

The whole point of being happy is about being happy in your moment, with your life, with your truth. If you believe that other people’s opinions are facts, your esteem will be low, your confidence will be terrible and you will constantly seek approval.

You just want to be liked. But really, nobody cares about what you post as much as you do.

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