How much is Enough / Wieviel ist Genug / Quanto é Suficiente / Cuánto es Suficiente

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You often want more than you have now. More money, more gadgets, better furniture, a better house, a better car, more clothes, more shoes, more success.

You are not satisfied, because there are new ads for new iPods, for new laptops, for new iPhones, for new cars, for new clothes. You have to have those.

It is impossible to satisfy that hunger for more, because our culture is not satisfied with what we have, but is geared to wanting more. It is consumerism, and it is the official religion of the industrialized World.

Hoarding more stuff than you could possibly use while others are starving to death is a form of cultural insanity. 

We pride ourselves on being a modern, secular, and rational Society, yet our modernity is ruled by just another god: Money. We speak of money as if it were a force unto itself or a living supreme being.

Money is a cruel god. Consumerism is an abhorrent ideology. It is not sustainable or morally defensible. Consumerism is not reasonable, humane, or sustainable; yet consumerism is integral to our modern World.

It is the irrational ideology of our time. And like all reigning ideologies of the day, we do not think of it as an ideology, we simply think of it as reality.

The belief that ‘infinite economic growth is the best strategy for making a better World‘ has become like a secular religion in which all our politicians, economists, and media participate.

Constantly chasing more and more will make you miserable.

Enough does not mean the just bare necessities of life. That would be food, water, shelter and clothing.

It could be a house with a bed, a table, a chair, a place for food storage and preparation, a toilet, perhaps a shower. That is not really enough.

Enough means having enough to live, and enough to be happy, and enough to thrive.

Enough would also mean food beyond just survival food – food that makes you happy, but not so much food that you are being excessive.

You want to be good at what you do, and do what you love. You want to be passionate about the things you do.

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