How to run away from Yourself / Wie Du vor dir selbst Davonläufst / Como fugir de Si Mesmo / Cómo huir de Ti Mismo

Look after yourself, be kind to yourself, spoil yourself as though you were your own very best friend. Take some time to think if you are running away from yourself and be kind to the most important person in your life, You.

Everything you can become lies on the other side. Of you. Compassion lies on the other side of anger. Love lies on the other side of fear. Beauty, on the other side of jealousy. Humility lies beyond pride. Truth lies past vanity. Gratitude lies on the other side of scorn.

There is no mystery where your path is. It is right there, in you. All the great, noble, worthy, and improbable things you can become are already contained in you. But you must step into them, instead of running away from them.

There is only one way to get there. You must go into yourself, through yourself, and then beyond yourself. All these little becomings, compassion, beauty, grace, Love, truth, lie beyond your little Self.

They are not about what you take, have, own, possess, or even want, need, desire. They are about what you give. What you imagine, create, endow, spark, alight, arouse.

Every step you take towards you, into you, through you, beyond you, is your path. Those are the steps on your path. Whatever leads you further into you, whatever the doing is, that is the right step to take. Just go towards yourself. Listen. Your heart is always calling to you.

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