How to stop Time / Wie man Zeit Stoppt / Como parar o Tempo / Cómo detener Tiempo

Psychological time is the time perceived by a person, while physical time is time as measured by a scientific instrument. Time as measured by an instrument is often different from time perceived by a person.

Factors such as boredom, impatience, or simple psychological changes affected psychological perceptions of time.

Human beings are the only creatures who hoard their dead. Why do we do this? What a comfort to know that your husband who has died is not corrupted because he’s been put in a concrete vault, in a bronze casket and skillfully embalmed, and there he will be, forever and ever.

I have a theory that dead people should be used as fertilizer and we return to the Earth that which we took from it. Everything eats everything. Human beings are trying to opt out. We refuse to be eaten because we’ve conquered the tigers and various predatory animals that might eat us except the little ones. The little bacteria.

And we say no! We are the end! Man is the head of nature. And man must not be eaten. But in so doing, we do not realize how we deprive ourselves because we are trying to put a stop to the chain of life.

And this gadget that I wear on my wrist represents each minute by a hairline. This hairline is made to be as thin as possible, as is compatible with visibility. Therefore, we get the feeling from the watch that time flies faster and faster and faster.

When you’re a child, time drags, and you just can’t wait for it to get ahead so that you can be an adult. As you get older, as you face death it’s going faster and you just can’t keep track of it but it’s an illusion. There is no time.

What the Hindus and Buddhists are seeking deliverance from is not life, but time.

The conceptualized idea of the universe, which bugs us all, that it’s a terrible thing that forms all come to an end – that they’re transient. Therefore to protect us from this reality, we construct abstract Worlds in which our form goes on forever.

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