Human Transcendence / Menschliche Transzendenz / Transcendência Humana / Trascendencia Humana

We use technology to transcend our limits, to move exponentially and transcend our World. There is an entire movement, called transhumanism, dedicated to promoting the use of technological advancements to enhance our physical, intellectual and psychological capabilities, transcending the limitations of the Human condition.

Transhumanism had been the the terrain of science fiction authors and fringe philosophers for the better part of the 20th century. The movement gained broader interest as science advanced, leaping forward in credibility in the 1990s with the invention of the World Wide Web, the sequencing of the Human genome and the exponential growth of computing power.

As technology continues to provide tools to manipulate the World around us, it becomes more and more likely that we will manipulate ourselves. We may employ technologies by choice, because we feel we need to be mentally and physically stronger, to be healthier and defy diseases.

And on the surface we may see that our lives have improved, but at the same time we are giving away huge amounts of data about ourselves, data that is food for companies or artificial intelligence, making businesses richer and the machine stronger and more powerful to the point that they will be able to decide for us, manipulate or control us.

We need to change how we think of technology and not think of it as this like unnatural thing. First of all, if it wasn’t natural, it couldn’t exist. The same biosphere that sprouted us and we sprouted technology it’s allowed by the laws of physics, it’s all made of atoms, so it’s all natural.

And so what Kevin tells us, is that we should think of technology as literally an extension of us, our second skin, an exoskeleton, an extended neocortex. Still part of the evolutionary process.

Us and our technology together put a man in the moon. Us and our technology together allows us to make, you know, Skype calls, collapsing geography, communicating instantly with another mind across the ocean. Us and our technology allows us to get on a plane to fly to see the people we love. You know, when we put a rover on Mars, that is us.

That is our neocortex. That is our mind, okay. On the surface of another planet, already, right. That thing is an extension of our brand extension, of our cognition, crawling the surface of the planet.

That is soulful, what it means to be mortal and and long to be infinite, you know creatures like us that make art, that write poetry, that make beautiful films, that build skyscrapers and you make rockets that go to the moon and rovers that go to Mars.

Yet we are still mortal finally fears. That creates anxiety of tension that’s the human condition. So I think that we need to take responsibility for ourselves. That’s what I think. We can’t expect other forces to take care of our problems for us.

And I think that we have inside of us the capacity to achieve everything we’ve attributed to higher deities. Having invented the gods we can turn into them. And so, are we Prometheus stealing fire from the gods or are we going to be Icarus flying too close to the sun and getting killed.

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